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June 15th:  2016 Iowa Immunization Coalition Conference.  For more information and to register as a participant or exhibitor click


The current Adult Immunization Schedule is now available here:

The current Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule is now available here:

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Shots are not just for kids. Everyone needs to be vaccinated so they can stay healthy no matter their age. It’s because your immunity from childhood vaccines can wear off, and there are many adult diseases . . . Read More


Making sure your teen is caught-up with all of their vaccines will protect them from many infectious diseases. Talk to your doctor about what type of immunizations your teen needs. Below is a list of diseases . . . READ MORE


Kids from birth to 12 years old are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases. That’s why it’s very important to protect them with the right immunizations. These immunizations will help prevent the spread of disease . . . READ MORE

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The Iowa Immunization Coalition is looking for bold thinkers who can help us promote immunizations to Iowan’s of all ages. You can join us as an individual or part of a larger organization. Together we can make a difference. And help Iowa become a healthier state.


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A gift of any size will help support our mission of raising awareness and educating Iowan’s of all ages about the importance of getting vaccinated. With your help we can make Iowa healthier today and in the future. Thank you for your support.

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